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B360°, hence "Be Complete", features a combination of elegance and emotions. The B360° Watch, a fresh and innovative inspiration is a perfect fit for modern lifestyle. With unique design details, Italian design and components from Switzerland, Germany and Japan the B360° brand redefines the watch market. Headquartered in the heart of Dubai, our trendy dynamic brand caters to all ages and all occasions. It is a fascinating way to say and reflect who you are and how you feel.

A B360° Watch stands out and speaks for itself as it is beyond comparison. There is clearly something that makes B360° different from every other watch. B360° is an attitude, an approach to life, a way of seeing. It is simply beyond limits, and that is what makes it different. With B360° there are no limits and no boundaries making it hard choosing the words that describe it. Its unlimited uniqueness, innovation and creativity is with no doubts a must see!

The founders of the B360° brand integrated their skills as luxury retail merchants for many years and their passion for the finest luxury goods, to find harmony between fashion, creativity, trendiness, uniqueness, designs, colors and above all material quality in every B360° Watch.

From plastic, stainless steel and aluminum to synthetic fabrics, rubber and silicone, B360° continues to surprise many and reach a much broader range of customers. B360° knows no limits!

B360° did not simply start a brand, it erupted a revolution in the Watches Industry. The B360° REVOLUTION started with a single watch "B Proud Watch" that says how proud a person is of his nationality. Since then B360° has designed over 150 collections in less than 2 years and the Revolution continues.

In less than 2 years B360° has reaped an astounding amount of retail, press and consumer attention. B360° has been featured on TV, in editorials and advertisements in prestigious publications and magazines, highlighting its creative and innovative designs. It has been chosen and worn by many celebrities from around the world, singers, actors, rappers, etc. This is in addition to its flagship presence in the world known Dubai Mall and luxury resort hotels such as Atlantis the Palm and more. It is also present in different countries and different locations.

With its steady successful steps, B360° is undoubtedly paving the way for a new definition of a Watch that does not simply tick with seconds, minutes and hours but reflects a character, personality and a lifestyle.

B360° "says it all"

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IT'S ALL ABOUT PRIDE! Take pride in belonging to a certain nationality or being a fan of something you believe in. The B360 B Proud collection is a statement of PRIDE.

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