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B360° Watch

Dare to differ to stand out. B360°Watch is a young brand which has emerged from the labs of Oryx Jewellery in November 2010 from the heart of Dubai. With a dream to facilitate to the young trend setter a unique gifting concept which is practical, wearable for all occasions and yet stands out above all, B360°Watch came alive with the founders of the brand integrating their skills in the luxury goods industry to find harmony between fashion, creativity, trendiness, designs, color and quality material in every single B360°Watch. To have a B360°Watch is a style statement that is a reflection of the personality of the owner which is unique and individualistic as the wearer. Each one differs in a unique manner. From plastic, stainless steel and aluminum to synthetic fabrics, rubber and silicone, B360°Watch reaches out to a wider audience of trend setters.
Delivering only the best B360°Watch stands out and sets apart from the crowd. A bold and unique statement that closely connects to the wearer, making it an attitude, an approach to life and a way of style. It is simply beyond limits and that makes the difference in the style, unique designs each catering to the personal aspect of the individual, where one can easily identify oneself with the brand. Each collection is a signature reflection of the uniqueness and personality of the wearer and is a representation of the various cultural diversity, leaving an aura of pride to be associated with the brand. Each and every design is brought to the display after extensive research understanding the underlying emotional importance and connectivity, wherein it is an experience to own a B360°Watch. B360°Watch is the first brand to be conceptualized from UAE, Middle East, paving way as a pioneer in the industry for the region. We touch lives with our unique designs and connect people together. Completing your style statement B360°Watch is a complete evolution of style and design that personifies you. It is a reflection of the passion, elegance and individuality that stands out. The B360°Watch is a fresh and innovative inspiration which is a perfect fit for the modern lifestyle. B360°Watch is not just a measurement of time but a way to speak from the heart without words, a bold statement of the young generation! Having a versatile collection that embodies a cultural statement, a bold and energetic evolution, B360°Watch is an expression of uniqueness, a proactive statement and a warm smile delivered with a flick of the wrist! B360°Watch steps out, everyone looks! With unique Italian designs and components from Switzerland, Germany and Japan, at B360°Watch, we are redefining the industry as the brand for the young trend setter in heart!
B360°Watch differentiates from others with our unique custom style and design, affordable prices and high quality after sale services. B360°Watch After sale services offer a Toll Free Number () offering a year’s warranty from the date of purchase and in the event of any damage during the period, personalized pick up of the watch from location, replacement and drop off the watch to the owner’s location is facilitated. Personalized customer care service can be availed.
B360°Watch being a brand developed by a young team targeting a youthful generation offers entrepreneurial opportunity for young business entrepreneurs who would like to be part of the development and growth of a young brand. Opportunity is provided to budding investors to be part of our growth and development, wherein they can fulfill their dreams and branch out under the umbrella, knowledge, technology and expertise of B360°Watch.
In 2 years time, B360°Watch has drawn an astounding amount of retail, press and consumer attention. B360°Watch has been featured on TV, editorials and advertisements in prestigious publications and magazine, highlighting our creative and innovative designs. B360°Watch has been chosen and worn by many celebrities (musicians, actors, rappers, etc) from around the world. This is in addition to its flagship presence at Dubai Mall and luxury resort hotel, Atlantis the Palm.
B360°Watch and Sport B360°Watch watches are closely associated with the sporting industry, supporting the community involvement in sporting activities, wherein our collection reflect the national pride and connectivity to one’s individuality.

Our success and Brand history.

B360° Watch is the only design watch that combines technical innovation and precision with thought-provoking personal messages. It embodies the ultimate blend of prestige, performance, glamour and wit. Strapped snugly on the wrist, B360° Watch stands out as testimony of expressing your being. To wear a B360° Watch is a statement of style reflecting the personality of its owner while highlighting the uniqueness and the individuality. From plastic, stainless steel and aluminum to synthetic fabrics, rubber and silicone, B360° Watch continues to surprise many and reach a much broader range of customers. B360° Watch reaches out to a wider audience of trend setters. B360° Watch knows no limits! B360° Watch did not simply start a brand, it erupted a revolution in the Watches Industry. The B360° Watch REVOLUTION started with a single watch “B Proud Watch” that says how proud a person is of his nationality. Since then B360° Watch has designed over 150 collections in less than 2 years and the Revolution continues. In less than 2 years B360° Watch has reaped an astounding amount of retail, press and consumer attention. B360° Watch has been featured on TV, in editorials and advertisements in prestigious publications and magazines, highlighting its creative and innovative designs. It has been chosen and worn by many celebrities from around the world, singers, actors, rappers, etc. This is in addition to its flagship presence in the world known Dubai Mall and luxury resort hotels such as Atlantis the Palm and more. It is also present in different countries and different locations. With its steady successful steps, B360° Watch is undoubtedly paving the way for a new definition of a Watch that does not simply tick with seconds, minutes and hours but reflects a character, personality and a lifestyle. B360° Watch “says it all”

To create a brand from the UAE that offers a unique experience being a strong determining trend setter in the fashion industry..

To be an international brand with a strong franchisee presence across the globe dedicated to delivering unique designs and uncompromised quality.



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