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B360 Arabian Horse Watch Collection

Arabian horses play a huge part in our history and heritage. They are horses that are beautiful, regal, powerful, and strong. We in B360 watch feature these purebred, proud, and graceful horses in our latest edition is because they are like our timepieces. The owner of such a watch, when wearing it, will feel as elegant, graceful and strong, and will wear this watch with distinction. As designers of luxurious and unique timepieces, we constantly came up with new, beautiful, and striking styles and designs.

Our Watches Tell a Story.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we like to tell stories with our watches, stories relating to our Arabian heritage. Stories that, via our timepieces, can be carried down from generation to generation. The Arabian horse watches, each custom-designed, will tell a story (without words, with an image and numerals) of power and energy. An Arabian horse is the symbol of power within the United Arab Emirates. Wearing such a watch will exude the same energy as the Arabian horse. These watches are stylish and bold. They look good when you wear them with a tuxedo or a suit, but they also look good and feel good when worn with jeans and shirts. Our timepieces reveal stories of power and wealth, pride, and love for Arabian horses and all things Arabic.

A Watch Collection For Generational Heritage

If you are a watch collector, the B360 Arabian Horse timepiece should be part of your collection. Being limited editions, these are watches that will be in the family for years, passed down from one generation to the next. You don’t need to be an aristocrat to wear one of these watches, but they will make you feel like one!

Who Would Wear One Of These Timepieces?

A young man, a father, or a grandfather. Someone in the business world. A horse rider or horse lover. Anyone who loves the United Arab Emirates and understands what Arabian horses stand for. Someone who has style and dignity and loves all things luxurious. Someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and own unique pieces. A watch collector. B360 watches are all unique and beautiful timepieces. Some of our other collections feature country flags, the Father of the Nation, or custom-designed themes. The B 360 watches are striking, beautifully designed, creative, stylish, and most importantly, they tell stories.

Who Would Wear One Of These Timepieces?

You can place your order for a B360 Arabian horse watch right here. Or call our customer happiness team to discuss your theme. Perhaps you have the horse that you would like hand-drawn on to the watch face. Our designs are custom and tailor-made according to our client’s needs. Call us now, look online, and remember, your B360 watch will come packaged as stylish and unique as the watch. Whoever receives this watch is going to feel lucky, loved, and ultimately, luxurious.



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