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B360 translates the event with a strategic signature with the ancient club (Al-Suwaiq Club). This collection symbolizes the moment we overcome challenges as time passes. Bearing the Suwaiq logo, bringing a feeling of victory from the field of play and in front of the hearts of fans at every moment.
NB: Item Available From 22/08/2021  (Register Your Interest)
B360 Cigar watch

B360 Cigar Watch

Very few horses have been so beautiful and so successful in racing

B360 Marwan Watch

The extreme beauty, elegance, and quality of the hand-painted Marwan
Hand painted SHANGHAI

B360 Shanghai watch

Hand-painted of Shanghai E.A is the most beautiful stallion foaled 2008

WADEE Al Shaqab

From the very first step he took into the show grounds worldwide.

The Leaders


Limited Aditions

When Time is all we have, we make it count

At  B360 Watch, we are inspired by great stories that defy oppositions and stereotypes.
We know that the secrets and the greatness of people are in their stories.
We also believe that the most beautiful stories are written by people who uphold dreams, celebrate humanity, work hard and believe that nothing is impossible. Certainly, we are not where we wish to be, but with more than eight collections and 20,000 individual art pieces painted by gifted artists worldwide, and 20 locations in 8 countries across the seven continents, we undoubtedly believe small beginnings can become great legacies with time.


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